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When a retired engineer is called upon to rescue a failing satellite, he insists that his equally old teammates accompany him into space.
IMDb : 64
Rotten tomatoes : 78
Metacritic : 73
Year: 2000
Runtime: 130 min
Director: Clint Eastwood
Actors: Clint Eastwood, Tommy Lee Jones, Donald Sutherland, James Garner
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  1. Drive
  2. Titan A.E.
  3. Man of the House
  4. Osmosis Jones
  5. Armageddon
  6. The Ice Pirates
  7. Oblivion
  8. Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones
  9. Wild Wild West
  10. Go for It
  11. Flash Gordon
  12. Independence Day
  13. Cocoon
  14. Gravity
  15. Iron Sky
  16. Sunshine
  17. Moon 44
  18. Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold
  19. Red Planet
  20. Moonraker
  21. Journey to Saturn
  22. Star Trek
  23. Ender's Game
  24. Universal Soldier: The Return

Drive poster
IMDb : 69
Rotten tomatoes : 0
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Mark Dacascos, Kadeem Hardison, John Pyper-Ferguson, Brittany Murphy
A prototype enhanced human, on the run from Chinese-hired hit men, hooks up with a dread-locked bystander, and the two of them elude their pursuers narrowly each time.
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Titan A.E. poster
Titan A.E.
IMDb : 66
Rotten tomatoes : 51
Metacritic : 48
Actors: Matt Damon, Bill Pullman, John Leguizamo, Nathan Lane
A young man learns that he has to find a hidden Earth ship before an enemy alien species does in order to secure the survival of humanity.
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Man of the House poster
Man of the House
IMDb : 54
Rotten tomatoes : 9
Metacritic : 35
Actors: Tommy Lee Jones, Cedric the Entertainer, Christina Milian, Paula Garcés
A Texas Ranger must protect a group of cheerleaders who have witnessed a murder.
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Osmosis Jones poster
Osmosis Jones
IMDb : 63
Rotten tomatoes : 55
Metacritic : 57
Actors: Chris Rock, Laurence Fishburne, David Hyde Pierce, Brandy Norwood
A policeman white blood cell, with the help of a cold pill, must stop a deadly virus from destroying the human they live in, Frank.
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Armageddon poster
IMDb : 66
Rotten tomatoes : 39
Metacritic : 42
Actors: Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton, Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler
After discovering that an asteroid the size of Texas is going to impact Earth in less than a month, N.A.S.A. recruits a misfit team of deep core drillers to save the planet.
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The Ice Pirates poster
The Ice Pirates
IMDb : 57
Rotten tomatoes : 9
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Robert Urich, Mary Crosby, Michael D. Roberts, Anjelica Huston
In the far future water is the most valuable substance. Two space pirates are captured, sold to a princess, and recruited to help her find her father who disappeared when he found ...
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Oblivion poster
IMDb : 70
Rotten tomatoes : 52
Metacritic : 54
Actors: Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, Olga Kurylenko, Andrea Riseborough
A veteran assigned to extract Earth's remaining resources begins to question what he knows about his mission and himself.
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Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones poster
Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones
IMDb : 66
Rotten tomatoes : 66
Metacritic : 54
Actors: Ewan McGregor, Natalie Portman, Hayden Christensen, Christopher Lee
Ten years after initially meeting, Anakin Skywalker shares a forbidden romance with Padmé Amidala, while Obi-Wan investigates an assassination attempt on the senator and discovers a secret clone army crafted for the Jedi.
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Wild Wild West poster
Wild Wild West
IMDb : 48
Rotten tomatoes : 17
Metacritic : 38
Actors: Will Smith, Kevin Kline, Kenneth Branagh, Salma Hayek
The two best hired guns in the West must save President Grant from the clutches of a nineteenth-century inventor-villain.
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Go for It poster
Go for It
IMDb : 72
Rotten tomatoes : 0
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Terence Hill, Bud Spencer, Buffy Dee, David Huddleston
Two men meet each other in a strange situation and end up being mistaken for robbers first, for secret service agents later.
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Flash Gordon poster
Flash Gordon
IMDb : 65
Rotten tomatoes : 82
Metacritic : 58
Actors: Sam J. Jones, Melody Anderson, Max von Sydow, Topol
A football player and his friends travel to the planet Mongo and find themselves fighting the tyranny of Ming the Merciless to save Earth.
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Independence Day poster
Independence Day
IMDb : 70
Rotten tomatoes : 62
Metacritic : 59
Actors: Will Smith, Bill Pullman, Jeff Goldblum, Mary McDonnell
The aliens are coming and their goal is to invade and destroy Earth. Fighting superior technology, mankind's best weapon is the will to survive.
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Cocoon poster
IMDb : 67
Rotten tomatoes : 80
Metacritic : 65
Actors: Don Ameche, Wilford Brimley, Hume Cronyn, Brian Dennehy
When a group of trespassing seniors swim in a pool containing alien cocoons, they find themselves energized with youthful vigor.
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Gravity poster
IMDb : 78
Rotten tomatoes : 96
Metacritic : 96
Actors: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney, Ed Harris, Orto Ignatiussen
Two astronauts work together to survive after an accident which leaves them stranded in space.
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Iron Sky poster
Iron Sky
IMDb : 59
Rotten tomatoes : 36
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Julia Dietze, Christopher Kirby, Götz Otto, Udo Kier
The Nazis set up a secret base on the dark side of the moon in 1945 where they hide out and plan to return to power in 2018.
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Sunshine poster
IMDb : 73
Rotten tomatoes : 0
Metacritic : 64
Actors: Cliff Curtis, Chipo Chung, Cillian Murphy, Michelle Yeoh
A team of international astronauts are sent on a dangerous mission to reignite the dying Sun with a nuclear fission bomb in 2057.
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Moon 44 poster
Moon 44
IMDb : 50
Rotten tomatoes : 0
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Michael Paré, Lisa Eichhorn, Dean Devlin, Brian Thompson
An unconventional corporate agent is given the task of shaping a group of violent criminals and technical wizards into a helicopter defense force assigned to protect a mining station on a remote moon.
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Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold poster
Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold
IMDb : 44
Rotten tomatoes : 0
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Richard Chamberlain, Sharon Stone, James Earl Jones, Henry Silva
Allan Quatermain once again teams up with Jesse Huston where the discovery of a mysterious old gold piece sends Quatermain looking for his long-lost brother, missing in the wilds of Africa after seeking a lost white race.
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Red Planet poster
Red Planet
IMDb : 57
Rotten tomatoes : 14
Metacritic : 34
Actors: Val Kilmer, Carrie-Anne Moss, Tom Sizemore, Benjamin Bratt
Astronauts, and their robotic dog AMEE (Autonomous Mapping Evaluation and Evasion), search for solutions to save a dying Earth by searching on Mars, only to have the mission go terribly awry.
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Moonraker poster
IMDb : 63
Rotten tomatoes : 62
Metacritic : 66
Actors: Roger Moore, Lois Chiles, Michael Lonsdale, Richard Kiel
James Bond investigates the mid-air theft of a space shuttle, and discovers a plot to commit global genocide.
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Journey to Saturn poster
Journey to Saturn
IMDb : 57
Rotten tomatoes : 0
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Casper Christensen, Frank Hvam, Ali Kazim, Simon Jul Jørgensen
A danish crew of misfits travel to Saturn in search for natural resources. However, the planet is colonized by a ruthless army of Aliens that turn their eye on Earth and invade Denmark. ...
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Star Trek poster
Star Trek
IMDb : 80
Rotten tomatoes : 94
Metacritic : 82
Actors: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Leonard Nimoy, Eric Bana
The brash James T. Kirk tries to live up to his father's legacy with Mr. Spock keeping him in check as a vengeful Romulan from the future creates black holes to destroy the Federation one planet at a time.
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Ender's Game poster
Ender's Game
IMDb : 67
Rotten tomatoes : 61
Metacritic : 51
Actors: Asa Butterfield, Harrison Ford, Hailee Steinfeld, Abigail Breslin
Young Ender Wiggin is recruited by the International Military to lead the fight against the Formics, a genocidal alien race which nearly annihilated the human race in a previous invasion.
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Universal Soldier: The Return poster
Universal Soldier: The Return
IMDb : 41
Rotten tomatoes : 5
Metacritic : 24
Actors: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Michael Jai White, Heidi Schanz, Xander Berkeley
The "universal soldiers" must fight the whole army. When the military's supercomputer S.E.T.H gets out of control
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