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Where do you find love? Sometimes all you need is a sign.
IMDb : 82
Rotten tomatoes : 0
Metacritic : 0
Year: 2008
Runtime: 12 min
Director: Patrick Hughes
Actors: Nick Russell, Kestie Morassi
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Outsourced poster
IMDb : 70
Rotten tomatoes : 0
Metacritic : 70
Actors: Josh Hamilton, Matt Smith, Rudolf Rodrigues, Jai Neeraj Raj Purohit
After his entire department is outsourced, an American novelty products salesman (Hamilton) heads to India to train his replacement.
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Here Without Me poster
Here Without Me
IMDb : 81
Rotten tomatoes : 0
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Saber Abar, Negar Javaherian, Fatemah Motamed-Aria, Parsa Pirouzfar
The story is about the world of a small family with familiar dreams and not so remarkable problems. The mother is trying to lead everything to save her family, but small events disarrange all her plans.
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Never Talk to Strangers poster
Never Talk to Strangers
IMDb : 51
Rotten tomatoes : 15
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Rebecca De Mornay, Antonio Banderas, Dennis Miller, Len Cariou
Sarah Taylor, a criminal psychologist, embarks on a torrid affair with a seductive stranger. However, she begins doubting whether she can trust him when a mysterious stalker begins harassing her.
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Ishq Vishk poster
Ishq Vishk
IMDb : 61
Rotten tomatoes : 0
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Shahid Kapoor, Amrita Rao, Shenaz Treasury, Vishal Malhotra
Rajiv Mathur decides to go conditionally steady with fellow collegian, Payal, so that be can be permitted to go on an outing. Payal accepts, and accompanies him. During the outing, he gets ...
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Stella poster
IMDb : 81
Rotten tomatoes : 0
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Melina Mercouri, Giorgos Foundas, Alekos Alexandrakis, Hristina Kalogerikou
The story of a young, wild woman who doesn't want to compromise and settle down. Stella is a restless, rebellious Greek woman who plays with men and enjoys her life as much as she can. But ...
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The Loves of a Blonde poster
The Loves of a Blonde
IMDb : 77
Rotten tomatoes : 93
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Hana Brejchová, Vladimír Pucholt, Vladimír Mensík, Ivan Kheil
A factory manager in rural Czechoslovakia bargains with the army to send men to the area, to boost the morale of his young female workers, deprived of male company since the local boys have...
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Me Myself I poster
Me Myself I
IMDb : 65
Rotten tomatoes : 63
Metacritic : 46
Actors: Rachel Griffiths, David Roberts, Sandy Winton, Yael Stone
Pamela Drury is unhappy, and alone. On her birthday she stumbles across a photo of Robert Dickson, and wonders what would've happened had she said yes to his proposal. A freak accident ...
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Frankie and Johnny poster
Frankie and Johnny
IMDb : 67
Rotten tomatoes : 78
Metacritic : 66
Actors: Al Pacino, Michelle Pfeiffer, Hector Elizondo, Nathan Lane
Johnny has just been released from prison, and gets a job in a café beside waitress Frankie. Frankie is a bit of a loner, but Johnny is determined their romance will blossom.
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Booty Call poster
Booty Call
IMDb : 53
Rotten tomatoes : 25
Metacritic : 54
Actors: Jamie Foxx, Tommy Davidson, Amy Monique Waddell, Wiley Moore
Two friends who have gone too long without sex set out to get some.
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The Bridesmaid poster
The Bridesmaid
IMDb : 67
Rotten tomatoes : 92
Metacritic : 74
Actors: Benoît Magimel, Laura Smet, Aurore Clément, Bernard Le Coq
A hard-working young man meets and falls in love with his sister's bridesmaid. He soon finds out how disturbed she really is.
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Chloe in the Afternoon poster
Chloe in the Afternoon
IMDb : 79
Rotten tomatoes : 90
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Bernard Verley, Zouzou, Françoise Verley, Daniel Ceccaldi
Though he has an adoring wife, a bourgeois man is still tempted to pursue other women.
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The Wedding Date poster
The Wedding Date
IMDb : 61
Rotten tomatoes : 11
Metacritic : 32
Actors: Debra Messing, Dermot Mulroney, Amy Adams, Jack Davenport
Single-girl anxiety causes Kat Ellis to hire a male escort to pose as her boyfriend at her sister's wedding. Her plan, an attempt to dupe her ex-fiancé, who dumped her a couple years prior, proves to be her undoing.
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Love Object poster
Love Object
IMDb : 64
Rotten tomatoes : 40
Metacritic : 45
Actors: Desmond Harrington, Melissa Sagemiller, Udo Kier, Rip Torn
The twisted tale of Kenneth, socially insecure technical writer who forms an obsessive relationship with "Nikki", an anatomically accurate silicone sex doll he orders over the Internet. ...
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The Garden of Words poster
The Garden of Words
IMDb : 76
Rotten tomatoes : 0
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Miyu Irino, Kana Hanazawa, Fumi Hirano, Gou Maeda
A 15-year-old boy and 27-year-old woman find an unlikely friendship one rainy day in the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden.
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Secret Admirer poster
Secret Admirer
IMDb : 65
Rotten tomatoes : 30
Metacritic : 0
Actors: C. Thomas Howell, Lori Loughlin, Kelly Preston, Dee Wallace
An anonymous love letter left in Michael's locker on the last day of school wreaks havoc on his life, and the lives of everyone who come in contact with it.
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Angel Eyes poster
Angel Eyes
IMDb : 56
Rotten tomatoes : 0
Metacritic : 39
Actors: Jennifer Lopez, Jim Caviezel, Jeremy Sisto, Terrence Howard
A mysterious man is drawn to a feisty female police officer and a unusual relationship ensues, as not everything is as it seems.
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The Big Blue poster
The Big Blue
IMDb : 76
Rotten tomatoes : 63
Metacritic : 35
Actors: Rosanna Arquette, Jean-Marc Barr, Jean Reno, Paul Shenar
The rivalry between Enzo and Jacques, two childhood friends and now world-renowned free divers, becomes a beautiful and perilous journey into oneself and the unknown.
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Singles poster
IMDb : 67
Rotten tomatoes : 80
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Bridget Fonda, Campbell Scott, Kyra Sedgwick, Sheila Kelley
A group of twenty-something friends, most of whom live in the same apartment complex, search for love and success in grunge-era Seattle.
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Stakeout poster
IMDb : 66
Rotten tomatoes : 87
Metacritic : 69
Actors: Richard Dreyfuss, Emilio Estevez, Madeleine Stowe, Aidan Quinn
Two detectives observe an escaped convict's ex-girlfriend, but complications set in when one of them falls for her.
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Cousins poster
IMDb : 63
Rotten tomatoes : 50
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Ted Danson, Isabella Rossellini, Sean Young, William Petersen
Two couples go to a mutual friend's wedding and end up swapping partners.
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About Last Night poster
About Last Night
IMDb : 61
Rotten tomatoes : 69
Metacritic : 62
Actors: Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, Regina Hall, Joy Bryant
Follow two couples as they journey from the bar to the bedroom and are eventually put to the test in the real world.
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That Awkward Moment poster
That Awkward Moment
IMDb : 62
Rotten tomatoes : 22
Metacritic : 36
Actors: Zac Efron, Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Imogen Poots
Three best friends find themselves where we've all been - at that confusing moment in every dating relationship when you have to decide "So...where is this going?"
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My Name Is Joe poster
My Name Is Joe
IMDb : 75
Rotten tomatoes : 88
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Peter Mullan, Louise Goodall, Gary Lewis, Lorraine McIntosh
Two thirtysomethings, unemployed former alcoholic Joe and community health worker Sarah, start a romantic relationship in the one of the toughest Glasgow neighbourhoods.
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Cyrano de Bergerac poster
Cyrano de Bergerac
IMDb : 75
Rotten tomatoes : 83
Metacritic : 0
Actors: José Ferrer, Mala Powers, William Prince, Morris Carnovsky
The charismatic swordsman-poet helps another woo the woman he loves in this straightforward version of the play.
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