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The legendary Roberto Duran and his equally legendary trainer Ray Arcel change each other's lives.
IMDb : 66
Rotten tomatoes : 44
Metacritic : 54
Year: 2016
Runtime: 111 min
Director: Jonathan Jakubowicz
Actors: Edgar Ramírez, Robert De Niro, Usher Raymond, Rubén Blades
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  2. Bleed for This
  3. Borg vs. McEnroe
  4. Down by Love
  5. I, Tonya
  6. The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Maki
  7. Pele: Birth of a Legend
  8. Loving Pablo
  9. The Duelist
  10. All Is True
  11. A Prayer Before Dawn
  12. Same Kind of Different as Me
  13. Crown Heights
  14. By the Grace of God
  15. Scarred Hearts
  16. King of Thieves
  17. Miles Ahead
  18. Barry
  19. Godard Mon Amour
  20. The Infiltrator
  21. Dolemite Is My Name
  22. Hacksaw Ridge
  23. Goon: Last of the Enforcers
  24. Lion

Charlie Says poster
Charlie Says
IMDb : 57
Rotten tomatoes : 59
Metacritic : 57
Actors: Hannah Murray, Matt Smith, Sosie Bacon, Marianne Rendón
The tragic tale of an all-American girl who was transformed into a cold-blooded killer in the summer of 1969.
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Bleed for This poster
Bleed for This
IMDb : 68
Rotten tomatoes : 69
Metacritic : 62
Actors: Miles Teller, Aaron Eckhart, Katey Sagal, Ciarán Hinds
The inspirational story of World Champion Boxer Vinny Pazienza who, after a near fatal car crash which left him not knowing if he'd ever walk again, made one of sport's most incredible comebacks.
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Borg vs. McEnroe poster
Borg vs. McEnroe
IMDb : 69
Rotten tomatoes : 0
Metacritic : 63
Actors: Sverrir Gudnason, Shia LaBeouf, Stellan Skarsgård, Tuva Novotny
The story of the 1980 tennis rivalry between the placid Björn Borg and the volatile John McEnroe.
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Down by Love poster
Down by Love
IMDb : 59
Rotten tomatoes : 40
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Adèle Exarchopoulos, Guillaume Gallienne, Stéphanie Cléau, Aliénor Poisson
Based on a true story, the impossible love between a prison director and one of its female inmates.
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I, Tonya poster
I, Tonya
IMDb : 75
Rotten tomatoes : 89
Metacritic : 77
Actors: Margot Robbie, Sebastian Stan, Allison Janney, Julianne Nicholson
Competitive ice skater Tonya Harding rises amongst the ranks at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships, but her future in the activity is thrown into doubt when her ex-husband intervenes.
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The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Maki poster
The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Maki
IMDb : 72
Rotten tomatoes : 0
Metacritic : 83
Actors: Jarkko Lahti, Oona Airola, Eero Milonoff, Joanna Haartti
The true story of Olli Mäki, the famous Finnish boxer who had a shot at the 1962 World Featherweight title.
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Pele: Birth of a Legend poster
Pele: Birth of a Legend
IMDb : 72
Rotten tomatoes : 33
Metacritic : 39
Actors: Kevin de Paula, Leonardo Lima Carvalho, Seu Jorge, Mariana Nunes
Pele's meteoric rise from the slums of Sao Paulo to leading Brazil to its first World Cup victory at the age of 17 is chronicled in this biographical drama.
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Loving Pablo poster
Loving Pablo
IMDb : 63
Rotten tomatoes : 31
Metacritic : 42
Actors: Javier Bardem, Penélope Cruz, Peter Sarsgaard, Julieth Restrepo
A journalist strikes up a romantic relationship with notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar.
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The Duelist poster
The Duelist
IMDb : 64
Rotten tomatoes : 0
Metacritic : 55
Actors: Pyotr Fyodorov, Vladimir Mashkov, Yuliya Khlynina, Yuri Kolokolnikov
In the 19th century Russia, the former military man of honor makes his own way in life participating in a deadly fights for other people as professional duelist.
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All Is True poster
All Is True
IMDb : 62
Rotten tomatoes : 72
Metacritic : 59
Actors: Kenneth Branagh, Judi Dench, Ian McKellen, Nonso Anozie
A look at the final days in the life of renowned playwright William Shakespeare.
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A Prayer Before Dawn poster
A Prayer Before Dawn
IMDb : 69
Rotten tomatoes : 92
Metacritic : 76
Actors: Joe Cole, Vithaya Pansringarm, Cherry Miko, Panya Yimmumphai
The true story of an English boxer incarcerated in one of Thailand's most notorious prisons as he fights in Muay Thai tournaments to earn his freedom.
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Same Kind of Different as Me poster
Same Kind of Different as Me
IMDb : 66
Rotten tomatoes : 33
Metacritic : 47
Actors: Greg Kinnear, Renée Zellweger, Djimon Hounsou, Jon Voight
International art dealer Ron Hall must befriend a dangerous homeless man in order to save his struggling marriage to his wife, a woman whose dreams will lead all three of them on the journey of their lives.
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Crown Heights poster
Crown Heights
IMDb : 65
Rotten tomatoes : 76
Metacritic : 64
Actors: Luke Forbes, LaKeith Stanfield, Adriane Lenox, Nnamdi Asomugha
When Colin Warner is wrongfully convicted of murder, his best friend Carl King devotes his life to proving Colin's innocence.
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By the Grace of God poster
By the Grace of God
IMDb : 72
Rotten tomatoes : 0
Metacritic : 75
Actors: Melvil Poupaud, Denis Ménochet, Swann Arlaud, Éric Caravaca
The three men, friends of childhood, will cross, compare their personal experiences and question their life of couple, family and professional.
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Scarred Hearts poster
Scarred Hearts
IMDb : 71
Rotten tomatoes : 78
Metacritic : 70
Actors: Serban Pavlu, Dana Marineci, Ivana Mladenovic, Gabriel Spahiu
Emanuel spends his days at a sanatorium. Falling in love with another patient, he narrates his and his fellow patients' attempts to live life to the fullest as their bodies slowly fade away, but their minds refuse to give up.
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King of Thieves poster
King of Thieves
IMDb : 55
Rotten tomatoes : 35
Metacritic : 47
Actors: Michael Caine, Michael Gambon, Charlie Cox, Jim Broadbent
A true crime movie about a crew of retired crooks who pull off a major heist in London's jewelry district. What starts off as their last criminal hurrah, quickly turns into a brutal nightmare due to greed. Based on infamous true events.
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Miles Ahead poster
Miles Ahead
IMDb : 64
Rotten tomatoes : 0
Metacritic : 64
Actors: Don Cheadle, Ewan McGregor, Emayatzy Corinealdi, LaKeith Stanfield
An exploration of the life and music of Miles Davis.
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Barry poster
IMDb : 58
Rotten tomatoes : 80
Metacritic : 72
Actors: Devon Terrell, Anya Taylor-Joy, Jason Mitchell, Ellar Coltrane
A look into the early life of U.S. President Barack Obama.
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Godard Mon Amour poster
Godard Mon Amour
IMDb : 66
Rotten tomatoes : 0
Metacritic : 55
Actors: Louis Garrel, Stacy Martin, Bérénice Bejo, Micha Lescot
In 1967, during the making of "La Chinoise," film director Jean-Luc Godard falls in love with 19-year-old actress Anne Wiazemsky and marries her.
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The Infiltrator poster
The Infiltrator
IMDb : 70
Rotten tomatoes : 72
Metacritic : 66
Actors: Bryan Cranston, Leanne Best, Daniel Mays, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor
A U.S. Customs official uncovers a money laundering scheme involving Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar.
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Dolemite Is My Name poster
Dolemite Is My Name
IMDb : 73
Rotten tomatoes : 97
Metacritic : 76
Actors: Eddie Murphy, Keegan-Michael Key, Mike Epps, Craig Robinson
Eddie Murphy portrays real-life legend Rudy Ray Moore, a comedy and rap pioneer who proved naysayers wrong when his hilarious, obscene, kung-fu fighting alter ego, Dolemite, became a 1970s Blaxploitation phenomenon.
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Hacksaw Ridge poster
Hacksaw Ridge
IMDb : 81
Rotten tomatoes : 85
Metacritic : 71
Actors: Andrew Garfield, Richard Pyros, Jacob Warner, Milo Gibson
World War II American Army Medic Desmond T. Doss, who served during the Battle of Okinawa, refuses to kill people, and becomes the first man in American history to receive the Medal of Honor without firing a shot.
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Goon: Last of the Enforcers poster
Goon: Last of the Enforcers
IMDb : 58
Rotten tomatoes : 42
Metacritic : 48
Actors: Seann William Scott, Alison Pill, Marc-André Grondin, Liev Schreiber
A hockey player plagued by injuries is confronted with the possibility of retirement when a tough new player challenges his status as the league's top enforcer.
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Lion poster
IMDb : 80
Rotten tomatoes : 85
Metacritic : 69
Actors: Sunny Pawar, Abhishek Bharate, Priyanka Bose, Khushi Solanki
A five-year-old Indian boy is adopted by an Australian couple after getting lost hundreds of kilometers from home. 25 years later, he sets out to find his lost family.
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