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Four interlocking tales that take place in a fading hotel on New Year's Eve.
IMDb : 67
Rotten tomatoes : 14
Metacritic : 0
Year: 1995
Runtime: 98 min
Director: Allison Anders, Alexandre Rockwell, Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino
Actors: Sammi Davis, Amanda De Cadenet, Valeria Golino, Madonna
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  1. To Each His Own Cinema
  2. Boccaccio '70
  3. Serious Moonlight
  4. The Players
  5. The Foot Fist Way
  6. Terror Firmer
  7. New York Stories
  8. Living in Oblivion
  9. Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer, Boris Karloff
  10. Witching and Bitching
  11. The Love Witch
  12. In the Company of Men
  13. Modern Vampires
  14. Pink Flamingos
  15. Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D.
  16. Blood Diner
  17. Happiness
  18. Pepi, Luci, Bom and Other Girls Like Mom
  19. Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV
  20. Desperate Living
  21. The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover
  22. Hocus Pocus
  23. Cecil B. DeMented
  24. Broken English

To Each His Own Cinema poster
To Each His Own Cinema
IMDb : 68
Rotten tomatoes : 100
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Isabelle Adjani, Pegah Ahangarani, Anouk Aimée, Leonid Alexeenko
A collective film of 33 shorts directed by different directors about their feeling about Cinema.
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Boccaccio '70 poster
Boccaccio '70
IMDb : 72
Rotten tomatoes : 75
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Marisa Solinas, Germano Gilioli, Anita Ekberg, Peppino De Filippo
Four directors tell tales of Eros fit for a 1970s Decameron. Working-class lovers, Renzo and Luciana, marry but must hide it from her employer; plus, they need a room of their own. A ...
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Serious Moonlight poster
Serious Moonlight
IMDb : 54
Rotten tomatoes : 22
Metacritic : 36
Actors: Meg Ryan, Timothy Hutton, Justin Long, Kristen Bell
A high-powered attorney duct tapes her adulterous husband to the toilet ... right before their home is invaded by burglars.
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The Players poster
The Players
IMDb : 53
Rotten tomatoes : 33
Metacritic : 43
Actors: Jean Dujardin, Gilles Lellouche, Géraldine Nakache, Priscilla de Laforcade
A series of short films set around the theme of infidelity.
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The Foot Fist Way poster
The Foot Fist Way
IMDb : 64
Rotten tomatoes : 54
Metacritic : 63
Actors: Danny McBride, Mary Jane Bostic, Ben Best, Spencer Moreno
An inept tae kwon do instructor struggles with marital troubles and an unhealthy obsession with fellow tae kwon do enthusiast Chuck "The Truck" Wallace.
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Terror Firmer poster
Terror Firmer
IMDb : 63
Rotten tomatoes : 0
Metacritic : 24
Actors: Will Keenan, Alyce LaTourelle, Lloyd Kaufman, Trent Haaga
A homicidal maniac is on the loose in the city and the low-budget film crew of a Troma movie has the power to stop them.
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New York Stories poster
New York Stories
IMDb : 64
Rotten tomatoes : 73
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Woody Allen, Marvin Chatinover, Mae Questel, Mia Farrow
A middle-aged artist obsessed with his pretty young assistant, a precocious 12 year old living in a hotel, and a neurotic lawyer with a possessive mother make up three Gotham tales.
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Living in Oblivion poster
Living in Oblivion
IMDb : 75
Rotten tomatoes : 88
Metacritic : 81
Actors: Steve Buscemi, Catherine Keener, Dermot Mulroney, Danielle von Zerneck
Film about filmmaking. It takes place during one day on set of non-budget movie. Ultimate tribute to all independent filmmakers.
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Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer, Boris Karloff poster
Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer, Boris Karloff
IMDb : 71
Rotten tomatoes : 0
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Boris Karloff, Lenore Aubert
Two employees of a secluded hotel investigate a murder on the premises in which the goofy bellboy is the prime suspect.
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Witching and Bitching poster
Witching and Bitching
IMDb : 64
Rotten tomatoes : 82
Metacritic : 73
Actors: Hugo Silva, Mario Casas, Pepón Nieto, Carolina Bang
On the run from the Police, a gang of armed robbers finds a safe haven in a secluded village crammed with witches, only to encounter the bizarre, the unexpected and the occult.
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The Love Witch poster
The Love Witch
IMDb : 62
Rotten tomatoes : 95
Metacritic : 82
Actors: Samantha Robinson, Gian Keys, Laura Waddell, Jeffrey Vincent Parise
A modern-day witch uses spells and magic to get men to fall in love with her, with deadly consequences.
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In the Company of Men poster
In the Company of Men
IMDb : 73
Rotten tomatoes : 89
Metacritic : 81
Actors: Aaron Eckhart, Stacy Edwards, Matt Malloy, Michael Martin
Two business executives--one an avowed misogynist, the other recently emotionally wounded by his love interest--set out to exact revenge on the female gender by seeking out the most innocent, uncorrupted girl they can find and ruining her life.
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Modern Vampires poster
Modern Vampires
IMDb : 45
Rotten tomatoes : 30
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Casper Van Dien, Natasha Gregson Wagner, Rod Steiger, Kim Cattrall
A borderline fascistic Dr. Van Helsing unwittingly hires crack smoking gang-bangers to pursue the decadent vampires who secretly control Hollywood and the United States.
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Pink Flamingos poster
Pink Flamingos
IMDb : 61
Rotten tomatoes : 80
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Divine, David Lochary, Mary Vivian Pearce, Mink Stole
Notorious Baltimore criminal and underground figure Divine goes up against a sleazy married couple who make a passionate attempt to humiliate her and seize her tabloid-given title as "The Filthiest Person Alive".
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Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D. poster
Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D.
IMDb : 59
Rotten tomatoes : 0
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Rick Gianasi, Susan Byun, Bill Weeden, Thomas Crnkovich
A streetwise New York police officer transforms into the world's most unusual superhuman hero.
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Blood Diner poster
Blood Diner
IMDb : 52
Rotten tomatoes : 50
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Rick Burks, Carl Crew, Roger Dauer, LaNette La France
Two cannibalistic brothers kill various young women to use their flesh in their new special dish at their rundown restaurant, while seeking blood sacrifices to awaken a dormant Egyptian goddess.
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Happiness poster
IMDb : 78
Rotten tomatoes : 83
Metacritic : 81
Actors: Jane Adams, Jon Lovitz, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Dylan Baker
The lives of several individuals intertwine as they go about their lives in their own unique ways, engaging in acts society as a whole might find disturbing in a desperate search for human connection.
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Pepi, Luci, Bom and Other Girls Like Mom poster
Pepi, Luci, Bom and Other Girls Like Mom
IMDb : 63
Rotten tomatoes : 43
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Carmen Maura, Félix Rotaeta, Alaska, Eva Siva
Pepi is raped by the policeman who catches her growing marijuana in her apartment. She seeks revenge by getting his masochist wife to leave him.
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Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV poster
Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV
IMDb : 63
Rotten tomatoes : 70
Metacritic : 41
Actors: David Mattey, Clyde Lewis, Heidi Sjursen, Paul Kyrmse
The Toxic Avenger must defend his friends from his own evil alternate universe doppelgänger, The Noxious Offender.
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Desperate Living poster
Desperate Living
IMDb : 72
Rotten tomatoes : 70
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Liz Renay, Mink Stole, Susan Lowe, Edith Massey
A neurotic society woman murders her husband with the help of her maid and, on the lam, escape to Mortville, a homeless community ruled over by a fascist queen.
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The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover poster
The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover
IMDb : 76
Rotten tomatoes : 89
Metacritic : 62
Actors: Richard Bohringer, Michael Gambon, Helen Mirren, Alan Howard
The wife of an abusive criminal finds solace in the arms of a kind regular guest in her husband's restaurant.
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Hocus Pocus poster
Hocus Pocus
IMDb : 68
Rotten tomatoes : 30
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kathy Najimy, Omri Katz
After three centuries, three witch sisters are resurrected in Salem, Massachusetts on Halloween night, and it is up to two teenagers, a young girl, and an immortal cat to put an end to their reign of terror once and for all.
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Cecil B. DeMented poster
Cecil B. DeMented
IMDb : 62
Rotten tomatoes : 53
Metacritic : 57
Actors: Melanie Griffith, Stephen Dorff, Alicia Witt, Adrian Grenier
An insane independent film director and his renegade group of teenage filmmakers kidnap an A-list Hollywood actress and force her to star in their underground film.
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Broken English poster
Broken English
IMDb : 64
Rotten tomatoes : 64
Metacritic : 61
Actors: Parker Posey, Drea de Matteo, Tim Guinee, Gena Rowlands
Nora Wilder is freaking out. Everyone around her is in a relationship, is married, or has children. Nora is in her thirties, alone with job she's outgrown and a mother who constantly ...
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