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When a woman learns of an immortality treatment, she sees it as a way to outdo her long-time rival.
IMDb : 65
Rotten tomatoes : 0
Metacritic : 0
Year: 1992
Runtime: 104 min
Director: Robert Zemeckis
Actors: Meryl Streep, Bruce Willis, Goldie Hawn, Isabella Rossellini
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  1. A Gorgeous Girl Like Me
  2. Sabrina the Teenage Witch
  3. Sex and Zen
  4. Burying the Ex
  5. Dark Shadows
  6. The Good Night
  7. Evil Dead II
  8. Synecdoche, New York
  9. Life After Beth
  10. Addams Family Values
  11. Teaching Mrs. Tingle
  12. Witching and Bitching
  13. May Fools
  14. Mirror Mirror
  15. The Other Side of the Bed
  16. House
  17. Drop Dead Fred
  18. Images
  19. Dog Park
  20. The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
  21. Hocus Pocus
  22. 8 Women
  23. A Simple Favor
  24. Cousin Bette

A Gorgeous Girl Like Me poster
A Gorgeous Girl Like Me
IMDb : 66
Rotten tomatoes : 0
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Bernadette Lafont, Claude Brasseur, Charles Denner, Guy Marchand
Stanislas Previne is a young sociologist, preparing a thesis on criminal women. He meets in prison Camille Bliss to interview her. Camille is accused to have murdered her lover Arthur and ...
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Sabrina the Teenage Witch poster
Sabrina the Teenage Witch
IMDb : 63
Rotten tomatoes : 0
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Melissa Joan Hart, Sherry Miller, Charlene Fernetz, Michelle Beaudoin
Sent by her parents to live with her two eccentric aunts, Sabrina Sawyer discovers on her 16th birthday that she's a witch.
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Sex and Zen poster
Sex and Zen
IMDb : 57
Rotten tomatoes : 0
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Lawrence Ng, Kent Cheng, Rena Murakami, Lieh Lo
A recently married scholar goes on a quest for knowledge of other people's wives, based on his philosophical differences with the Sack Monk. He encounters the Flying Thief, who agrees to ...
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Burying the Ex poster
Burying the Ex
IMDb : 54
Rotten tomatoes : 29
Metacritic : 37
Actors: Anton Yelchin, Ashley Greene, Alexandra Daddario, Oliver Cooper
A guy's regrets over moving in with his girlfriend are compounded when she dies and comes back as a zombie.
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Dark Shadows poster
Dark Shadows
IMDb : 62
Rotten tomatoes : 37
Metacritic : 55
Actors: Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Helena Bonham Carter, Eva Green
An imprisoned vampire, Barnabas Collins, is set free and returns to his ancestral home, where his dysfunctional descendants are in need of his protection.
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The Good Night poster
The Good Night
IMDb : 59
Rotten tomatoes : 31
Metacritic : 49
Actors: Keith Allen, Steffan Boje, Penélope Cruz, Danny DeVito
A former pop star who now writes commercial jingles for a living experiences a mid-life crisis.
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Evil Dead II poster
Evil Dead II
IMDb : 78
Rotten tomatoes : 98
Metacritic : 69
Actors: Bruce Campbell, Sarah Berry, Dan Hicks, Kassie Wesley DePaiva
The lone survivor of an onslaught of flesh-possessing spirits holes up in a cabin with a group of strangers while the demons continue their attack.
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Synecdoche, New York poster
Synecdoche, New York
IMDb : 75
Rotten tomatoes : 69
Metacritic : 67
Actors: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Catherine Keener, Sadie Goldstein, Tom Noonan
A theatre director struggles with his work, and the women in his life, as he creates a life-size replica of New York City inside a warehouse as part of his new play.
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Life After Beth poster
Life After Beth
IMDb : 56
Rotten tomatoes : 42
Metacritic : 50
Actors: Aubrey Plaza, Dane DeHaan, John C. Reilly, Molly Shannon
A young man's recently deceased girlfriend mysteriously returns from the dead, but he slowly realizes she is not the way he remembered her.
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Addams Family Values poster
Addams Family Values
IMDb : 66
Rotten tomatoes : 78
Metacritic : 62
Actors: Anjelica Huston, Raul Julia, Christopher Lloyd, Joan Cusack
The Addams Family try to rescue their beloved uncle Fester from his gold-digging new love, a black widow named Debbie.
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Teaching Mrs. Tingle poster
Teaching Mrs. Tingle
IMDb : 52
Rotten tomatoes : 19
Metacritic : 35
Actors: Helen Mirren, Katie Holmes, Jeffrey Tambor, Barry Watson
The story of a girl who is willing to do anything to become Valedictorian, even if it means murdering the teacher that stands in her way.
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Witching and Bitching poster
Witching and Bitching
IMDb : 64
Rotten tomatoes : 82
Metacritic : 73
Actors: Hugo Silva, Mario Casas, Pepón Nieto, Carolina Bang
On the run from the Police, a gang of armed robbers finds a safe haven in a secluded village crammed with witches, only to encounter the bizarre, the unexpected and the occult.
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May Fools poster
May Fools
IMDb : 72
Rotten tomatoes : 100
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Miou-Miou, Michel Piccoli, Michel Duchaussoy, Bruno Carette
Like Vanya, in Malle's last film, Milou never left the family estate. His mother dies during the May 1968 student uprising in Paris. The brother who is the London correspondent for Le Monde...
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Mirror Mirror poster
Mirror Mirror
IMDb : 56
Rotten tomatoes : 50
Metacritic : 46
Actors: Julia Roberts, Lily Collins, Armie Hammer, Nathan Lane
An evil queen steals control of a kingdom and an exiled princess enlists the help of seven resourceful rebels to win back her birthright.
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The Other Side of the Bed poster
The Other Side of the Bed
IMDb : 66
Rotten tomatoes : 46
Metacritic : 47
Actors: Ernesto Alterio, Paz Vega, Guillermo Toledo, Natalia Verbeke
Two couples entwine on their search for love.
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House poster
IMDb : 62
Rotten tomatoes : 55
Metacritic : 0
Actors: William Katt, George Wendt, Richard Moll, Kay Lenz
A troubled writer moves into a haunted house after inheriting it from his aunt.
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Drop Dead Fred poster
Drop Dead Fred
IMDb : 58
Rotten tomatoes : 9
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Phoebe Cates, Rik Mayall, Marsha Mason, Tim Matheson
A young woman finds her already unstable life rocked by the presence of a rambunctious imaginary friend from childhood.
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Images poster
IMDb : 73
Rotten tomatoes : 0
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Susannah York, Rene Auberjonois, Marcel Bozzuffi, Hugh Millais
Schizophrenic housewife, engulfed by terrorizing apparitions, kills off each, unknowing if these demons are merely figments of her hallucinatory imagination or part of reality.
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Dog Park poster
Dog Park
IMDb : 51
Rotten tomatoes : 36
Metacritic : 46
Actors: Natasha Henstridge, Luke Wilson, Kathleen Robertson, Janeane Garofalo
Sex comedy takes a look at contemporary dating mores and hypothesizes that the new dating location may be the dog walk in the park. A mild-mannered man loses his present girl friend to ...
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The Adventures of Baron Munchausen poster
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
IMDb : 72
Rotten tomatoes : 92
Metacritic : 69
Actors: John Neville, Eric Idle, Sarah Polley, Oliver Reed
An account of Baron Munchausen's supposed travels and fantastical experiences with his band of misfits.
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Hocus Pocus poster
Hocus Pocus
IMDb : 68
Rotten tomatoes : 30
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kathy Najimy, Omri Katz
After three centuries, three witch sisters are resurrected in Salem, Massachusetts on Halloween night, and it is up to two teenagers, a young girl, and an immortal cat to put an end to their reign of terror once and for all.
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8 Women poster
8 Women
IMDb : 71
Rotten tomatoes : 79
Metacritic : 64
Actors: Virginie Ledoyen, Danielle Darrieux, Firmine Richard, Catherine Deneuve
One murdered man, eight women, each seeming to be eager than the others to know the truth. Gimme, gimme, gimme some clues to make up my mind. And eventually enter the truth. Oh, thou cruel woman!
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A Simple Favor poster
A Simple Favor
IMDb : 68
Rotten tomatoes : 85
Metacritic : 67
Actors: Anna Kendrick, Ian Ho, Joshua Satine, Glenda Braganza
Stephanie is a single mother with a parenting vlog who befriends Emily, a secretive upper-class woman who has a child at the same elementary school. When Emily goes missing, Stephanie takes it upon herself to investigate.
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Cousin Bette poster
Cousin Bette
IMDb : 62
Rotten tomatoes : 41
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Jessica Lange, Elisabeth Shue, Bob Hoskins, Hugh Laurie
Cousin Bette is a poor and lonely seamstress, who, after the death of her prominent and wealthy sister, tries to ingratiate herself into lives of her brother-in-law, Baron Hulot, and her ...
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