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In order to ruin a western town, a corrupt politician appoints a black Sheriff, who promptly becomes his most formidable adversary.
IMDb : 78
Rotten tomatoes : 90
Metacritic : 73
Year: 1974
Runtime: 93 min
Director: Mel Brooks
Actors: Cleavon Little, Gene Wilder, Slim Pickens, Harvey Korman
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  1. Destry Rides Again
  2. ¡Three Amigos!
  3. Boot Hill
  4. The Scalphunters
  5. Maverick
  6. Young Guns
  7. Bend of the River
  8. Wagons East
  9. Night Passage
  10. The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean
  11. The Apple Dumpling Gang
  12. The Frisco Kid
  13. They Call Me Trinity
  14. Shanghai Noon
  15. Crossfire Trail
  16. Rooster Cogburn
  17. The Cheyenne Social Club
  18. Cat Ballou
  19. Return of the Magnificent Seven
  20. Wyatt Earp
  21. High Noon
  22. The War Wagon
  23. Silverado
  24. Purgatory

Destry Rides Again poster
Destry Rides Again
IMDb : 77
Rotten tomatoes : 100
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Marlene Dietrich, James Stewart, Mischa Auer, Charles Winninger
When a tough western town needs taming, the mild-mannered son of a hard-nosed sheriff gets the job.
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¡Three Amigos! poster
¡Three Amigos!
IMDb : 64
Rotten tomatoes : 46
Metacritic : 52
Actors: Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, Martin Short, Alfonso Arau
Three actors accept an invitation to a Mexican village to perform their onscreen bandit fighter roles, unaware that it is the real thing.
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Boot Hill poster
Boot Hill
IMDb : 57
Rotten tomatoes : 0
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Terence Hill, Bud Spencer, Woody Strode, Eduardo Ciannelli
Victims of oppressive town boss Honey are offered help by an unusual alliance of gunmen and circus performers.
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The Scalphunters poster
The Scalphunters
IMDb : 69
Rotten tomatoes : 70
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Burt Lancaster, Shelley Winters, Telly Savalas, Ossie Davis
Forced to trade his valuable furs for a well-educated escaped slave, a rugged trapper vows to recover the pelts from the Indians and later the renegades that killed them.
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Maverick poster
IMDb : 70
Rotten tomatoes : 66
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster, James Garner, Graham Greene
Bret Maverick, needing money for a poker tournament, faces various comic mishaps and challenges, including a charming woman thief.
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Young Guns poster
Young Guns
IMDb : 68
Rotten tomatoes : 42
Metacritic : 50
Actors: Emilio Estevez, Kiefer Sutherland, Lou Diamond Phillips, Charlie Sheen
A group of young gunmen, led by Billy the Kid, become deputies to avenge the murder of the rancher who became their benefactor. But when Billy takes their authority too far, they become the hunted.
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Bend of the River poster
Bend of the River
IMDb : 73
Rotten tomatoes : 100
Metacritic : 0
Actors: James Stewart, Arthur Kennedy, Julie Adams, Rock Hudson
When a town boss confiscates homesteader's supplies after gold is discovered nearby, a tough cowboy risks his life to try and get it to them.
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Wagons East poster
Wagons East
IMDb : 47
Rotten tomatoes : 0
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Joe Bays, Abraham Benrubi, Jill Boyd, John Candy
In the 1860's Wild West, when a ragged bunch of misfit settlers decide they cannot stand living in their current situation, they hire a grizzled cowboy to take them on a journey back to their hometowns east.
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Night Passage poster
Night Passage
IMDb : 67
Rotten tomatoes : 0
Metacritic : 0
Actors: James Stewart, Audie Murphy, Dan Duryea, Dianne Foster
A fired railroad man is rehired and trusted to carry a 10,000 dollar payroll in secret, even though he is suspected of being connected to outlaws.
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The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean poster
The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean
IMDb : 70
Rotten tomatoes : 71
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Paul Newman, Roy Jenson, Gary Combs, Fred Brookfield
In Vinegaroon, Texas, former outlaw Roy Bean appoints himself the judge for the region and dispenses his brand of justice as he sees fit.
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The Apple Dumpling Gang poster
The Apple Dumpling Gang
IMDb : 64
Rotten tomatoes : 56
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Bill Bixby, Susan Clark, Don Knotts, Tim Conway
Three orphan children strike gold in 1878 California.
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The Frisco Kid poster
The Frisco Kid
IMDb : 64
Rotten tomatoes : 53
Metacritic : 38
Actors: Gene Wilder, Harrison Ford, Ramon Bieri, Val Bisoglio
A Polish rabbi wanders through the Old West on his way to lead a synagogue in San Francisco. On the way he is nearly burnt at the stake by Indians and almost killed by outlaws.
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They Call Me Trinity poster
They Call Me Trinity
IMDb : 75
Rotten tomatoes : 0
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Terence Hill, Bud Spencer, Steffen Zacharias, Dan Sturkie
A lazy, unorthodox gunfighter and his portly, horse-thieving brother defend a Mormon settlement from a land-grabbing Major and his henchmen.
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Shanghai Noon poster
Shanghai Noon
IMDb : 66
Rotten tomatoes : 79
Metacritic : 77
Actors: Jackie Chan, Owen Wilson, Lucy Liu, Brandon Merrill
A Chinese man travels to the Wild West to rescue a kidnapped princess. After teaming up with a train robber, the unlikely duo takes on a Chinese traitor and his corrupt boss.
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Crossfire Trail poster
Crossfire Trail
IMDb : 71
Rotten tomatoes : 0
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Tom Selleck, Virginia Madsen, Wilford Brimley, David O'Hara
Rafe Covington promises a dying friend that he'll watch over the man's wife and ranch after he's gone. When Rafe gets to his friend's ranch, he finds that Barkow, the local power in town, ...
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Rooster Cogburn poster
Rooster Cogburn
IMDb : 69
Rotten tomatoes : 50
Metacritic : 0
Actors: John Wayne, Katharine Hepburn, Anthony Zerbe, Richard Jordan
Marshal Rooster Cogburn unwillingly teams up with Eula Goodnight to track down the killers of her father.
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The Cheyenne Social Club poster
The Cheyenne Social Club
IMDb : 69
Rotten tomatoes : 0
Metacritic : 0
Actors: James Stewart, Henry Fonda, Shirley Jones, Sue Ane Langdon
An aging cowboy finds to his embarrassment that the successful business he has inherited from his brother is actually a house of prostitution.
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Cat Ballou poster
Cat Ballou
IMDb : 69
Rotten tomatoes : 100
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Lee Marvin, Jane Fonda, Michael Callan, Dwayne Hickman
A woman seeking revenge for her murdered father hires a famous gunman, but he's very different from what she expects.
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Return of the Magnificent Seven poster
Return of the Magnificent Seven
IMDb : 55
Rotten tomatoes : 13
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Yul Brynner, Robert Fuller, Julián Mateos, Warren Oates
Two survivors of the initial Magnificent Seven outfit, Chris and Vin, recruit four new members in order to re-form the outfit and defend a few Mexican villages from attacks by vicious bandits.
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Wyatt Earp poster
Wyatt Earp
IMDb : 67
Rotten tomatoes : 42
Metacritic : 47
Actors: Kevin Costner, Dennis Quaid, Gene Hackman, David Andrews
The story of Wyatt Earp as he interacts and battles other famous figures of the Wild West era.
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High Noon poster
High Noon
IMDb : 80
Rotten tomatoes : 96
Metacritic : 89
Actors: Gary Cooper, Thomas Mitchell, Lloyd Bridges, Katy Jurado
A town Marshal, despite the disagreements of his newlywed bride and the townspeople around him, must face a gang of deadly killers alone at high noon when the gang leader, an outlaw he sent up years ago, arrives on the noon train.
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The War Wagon poster
The War Wagon
IMDb : 69
Rotten tomatoes : 0
Metacritic : 0
Actors: John Wayne, Kirk Douglas, Howard Keel, Robert Walker Jr.
The story of a man who was shot, robbed and imprisoned who returns to steal a large gold shipment from the man who wronged him. The gold is transported in an armored stage coach, the War Wagon.
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Silverado poster
IMDb : 72
Rotten tomatoes : 77
Metacritic : 64
Actors: Kevin Kline, Scott Glenn, Kevin Costner, Danny Glover
A misfit bunch of friends come together to right the injustices which exist in a small town.
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Purgatory poster
IMDb : 70
Rotten tomatoes : 0
Metacritic : 0
Actors: Sam Shepard, Eric Roberts, Randy Quaid, Peter Stormare
An outlaw band rides into a town that is actually Purgatory, between Heaven and Hell.
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