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Movie manager, recommendations, similar match, description search, in-depth filtering and more.

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The average Netflix user spents 21 minutes a day looking for something to watch.

CinPick can get that down to seconds!

With CINPICK you get a full set of features specifically designed to give you the right movie in the matter of seconds.
Movie Manager
Organize your movies into custom watchlists and build your preferences for better recommendations.
Personalized Movie Recommendations
Generate recommendations bases on your Daily Preferences or your Account preferences is a simple and efficient way.
In-depth Movie Filtering
Awards, Streaming platform, Year, Aggregate Ratings, Popularity, Genres, Keywords, Technical Characteristics and Impressions
Description Search
Record or type your description and search for search for Actors, Director, Plot, Genre and Keywords.
Similar Movies
Each movie comes with a selection of similar movies arranged by the degree of similarity